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    Climate Change Adaptation: Building Resilience for a Sustainable Future

    [ad_1] Climate Change Adaptation: Building Resilience for a Sustainable Future Climate change is undoubtedly the most significant environmental challenge facing the world today. Global warming caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions is leading to unpredictable weather events, rising sea levels, and changing climate patterns, which are threatening our planet’s ecosystems,…

  • Climate Change AsiaWater And Environment

    Innovative Adaptation Strategies to Tackle Climate Change Effects

    [ad_1] Introduction Climate change is one of the most critical challenges facing the world today. The impact of global warming is being felt in many parts of the world, with more severe floods, hurricanes, wildfires, and extreme temperature events. Climate change has also led to rising sea levels, which threaten…

  • Climate Change AsiaTra Vinh Province Plants Forests To Protect Coasts, Improve Environment

    Climate Change: Urgency for Action

    [ad_1] Climate Change: Urgency for Action Climate change is a critical issue facing the world today. It is caused by the increase of greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide, in the earth’s atmosphere. The effects of climate change have been felt across the globe, including rising sea levels, increased frequency…

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    Why do we need Indonesia’s rainforests?

    Picture: US Embassy Indonesia. Source: Canopy Planet. According to National Geographic, a rain forest is simply an area of tall, mostly evergreen trees and a high amount of rainfall. This dense rain forest is on the island of Borneo, which straddles two oceans (the Indian and the South Pacific) and…

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    Indonesian coal plant taints South Korea’s green pledge

    Ramidin, 59, a local fisherman, smokes a cigarette as he prepares for fishing at a port near the coal-fired power plant owned by Indonesia Power in Suralaya, Banten province, Indonesia, July 11, 2020. (REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan) Source: Reuters Date: 16 July 2020 Indonesian fisherman Ramidin says he used to catch stingray by paddling…

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