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    Five Plastic Packaging Facts You Need to Know

    Illustration of the sea filled with plastic (Photo by BBC BLUE PLANET) Source: Detikcom Date: 3 July 2020 Plastic packaging waste has always been a global issue. The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has banned the use of disposable plastic bags starting from July 1, for the sake of a better environment.…

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    Three reasons why banning plastic bags is problematic

    Featured  A woman carrying a child stands in front of a giant mound of plastic waste in Bekasi, West Java. ANTARA FOTO/ Fakhri Hermansyah/pras Source: The Conversation Date: 17 July 2020 There has been a growing trend of restrictions and bans on plastic bag use worldwide. By mid-2018, over 127 countries had…

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    Plastic pollution plagues Southeast Asia amid Covid-19 lockdowns

    Featured  Indonesia generates 6.8 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. (Photo: EPA) Source: South China Morning Post Date: 9 August 2020  Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia have seen a surge in plastic waste as environmental awareness takes a back seat to health concerns There has been a heavy reliance on food-delivery…

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    LIPI Recycles Disposable Face Mask Waste into Plastic Pellets

    An incinerator company worker wearing protective suit prepares bags of medical waste to be loaded into a truck in Jakarta, Indonesia, August 12, 2020. Picture taken August 12, 2020 For the residents along Indonesia’s Cisadane River, the coronavirus has brought not just deadly disease, but also a deluge of medical…

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    Can Plastic and Rubber Industry Recover from COVID-19?

    Plastic Waste in Integrated Waste Management Sites (TPST) Bantargebang (Photo: CNBC Indonesia/Muhammad Sabki) PT Pamerindo Indonesia held a webinar titled “A Strategy Overview on How Indonesia’s Plastics & Rubber Industry Recover Post COVID-19“, focusing on the current state of the plastics and rubber industry in Indonesia, its current challenges as a…

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