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Find the answers to frequently asked questions about UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2022

I am not majoring in a water-related field, can I still apply?

Don’t worry! Everyone from every major are welcomed to apply. 

How many participants will be taken from each country?

25 participants will be selected from each country, meaning you will have a chance to meet another 25 participants from another country! 

What are my to dos?

Prepare the documents needed and register yourself at bit.ly/UWRC22-Groundwater before 21 August 2022. Afterwards, we will keep you informed about the current phase of the competition. 

Do I have to pay to join?

Nope, you pay nothing to join the challenge! 

Will the challenge conducted fully online?

You will have three weeks of the online event and one week of an offline event, so you are mandatory to travel to the biosphere reserve location in your country with your travel expenses covered. 

I already graduated and currently working. Can I still be a participant?

Yup, university students and young professional are welcomed to apply! 

I have disabilities, can I still apply?

Certainly! No one is left behind. Do fill the registration form and let us know what disabilities you have. We want to ensure we can accommodate and ensure your safety, first and foremost, also to provide you with a fantastic learning experience. 

I am an Indonesian but currently am not based in the country. Can I still join the event?

Yes! We encourage you to apply first and if your excitement in the program meets our other requirement, we can work on some agreement later on to cover part of your travel expenses if you’re abroad. Don’t let this discourage you! 

Do I need to be fully vaccinated (second dose + booster) to be able to join the Challenge?

Yes. According to the latest travel regulation, you are encouraged to be fully vaccinated + booster. If you have not, there is still time to get your vaccination! However, if by some personal reasons you cannot get vaccinated yet, but the travel regulations allow other types of testing (such as PCR or rapid test antigen) so you can travel, we’ll work around that with you and get you to Jogja!

P.S.: Any COVID-19 testings and/or quarantine will not be covered by the organizer. 

Do I get eliminated if I do not join the offline activities?

What an unfortunate!You’re missing out on meeting your teammates, learning from the locals, visiting the breathtaking scenery in the biosphere reserves, and physically be a part of these powerful youth network? We are looking for candidates that can commit to the program as a whole, as the Challenge is designed to give you on-the-ground learning experience and networking opportunities. You will missed this one lifetime opportunity. 

The winning team will receive USD 1000 as a price. How many teams will win the Challenge from each country? And the money price mentioned is the total amount or the amount that will get by each team?

One winning team will be selected from Indonesia and Vietnam, so total of two winning teams for this Challenge.That being said, each team will get USD 1,000 as prize money.

Will I get a certificate after joining the Challenge?

Certainly! Certificate of participations will be given to those who completed the program beautifully! The winning team will even have that title attached in their certificate! 

Do I have to show an English test result, such as TOEFL/ IELTS for registration, as a proof that I am fluent in English?

Not necessarily. We will measure it based on your video or essay, anyway. We have high interest and good eyes in picking suitable participants, so don’t be shy and show your enthusiasm in that video or essay! And don’t let the word “fluent” discourage you in any way. Opportunity comes to those who are prepared. Be bold! 

Shall each participant organise a travel insurance by themselves or is it included in the travel arrangement?

It’s not included in the travel arrangement. If needed, each participant can arrange the insurance by their own expenses. 

I have further questions during my application. Whom can I contact?

You can directly DM us or feel free to contact us through Whatsapp.

  • If you are Indonesian, please contact Elvira (+6282114697918);
  • If you are Vietnamese, please contact Alice (+84907584160).

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